Cortizo Cor Vision

An avant-garde design of a thermally broken sliding system that permits maximum luminosity with the minimum amount of seen aluminium profile section. An elegance in design that looks to cover great light spaces with minimum frame fragments of   between 9-14% of the total surface. It shows seen center junction sections of only 20 mm, in the lateral junction at 77 mm and the top/bottom junctions at 57 mm.

Possibility of inlaying the bottom, top and lateral frames.

Possibility of sash meetings at a 90° corner without a mullion

The range of available profiles include for 2 or 3 rails that allows the incorporation of a stainless-steel rail that affords increased sliding smoothness, an increase in loading support for the bearings (up to 320 kg/sash) and increased durability

A wide choice of colours in the standard RAL palette makes it possible to meet the needs of our most demanding customers.

Technical Details: Cor-Vision-Plus