Aluprof Entry Door

Front entry door: aren’t they one of the most important parts of our home? They protect us from the cold, the rain, and the burglars, to mention just a few examples.
But how do you make the right choice, and buy a door that will meet our expectations?
An issue that requires careful consideration before the purchase is the heat transfer coefficient(U). The lower its value, the more heat will stay with us inside. Aluprof offers paneled doors with the UD coefficient of 0.66 W/(m2 K).
When choosing our door, let’s not forget to check out their water resistance. It’s the water resistance of the door that will keep the driving rain outside in times of strong winds and heavy rain. The higher the class, the better the door protects our home. Aluprof offers paneled doors rated 6A.
Infill panels are included in door leaves based on the MB-86 system, and come in a variety of colours and structures. The elements can be milled, decorated with applications or made of insulated glass. Paneled doors can be fabricated very large and high – up to 1.40 m (W) and almost 2.60 m (H). If, therefore, we dream of an impressive front entrance, this will be the perfect choice. But above all, the door should fit to the style of your home. If our interiors are the traditional ones, we should opt for a leaf with glass panels or wooden-like veneer. Lovers of modern interior can choose among RAL colours, think shade of graphite.