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Double Glaze Window Supplier
Casver Double Glaze Windows are Perth’s number one double Glaze door and window supplier. We offer Perth’s best choice of frames, including uPVC, timber and aluminium and we have a large selection of styles including curved windows, from some of Europe’s leading designers.

Cavity Sliding Doors

Casver is the exclusive distributor of Eclisse Disappearing Sliding Doors. Whether you have little to no room to swing a door or simply like the look of the elegant appearance of the sliding door Casver have a range of doors to suit your need. Whether it be a plaster wall or a solid wall we have frames to suit. The disappearing sliding door can be installed for a new construction or during a renovation. Installation is a very simple process with a complete kit ready for installation.


Sliding door systems (indoor)

Unico Single
Estensione double
Luce single
Luce double
Syntesis® LINE single
Syntesis® LINE double
Syntesis® Luce single
Syntesis® Luce double
Ewoluto® single
Ewoluto® double
Telescopic Single
Telescopic double
Circular single
Circular double

System for hinged doors flush with wall

Syntesis® Line battente
Frame Options