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Double Glaze Window Supplier
Casver Double Glaze Windows are Perth’s number one double Glaze door and window supplier. We offer Perth’s best choice of frames, including uPVC, timber and aluminium and we have a large selection of styles including curved windows, from some of Europe’s leading designers.

Ask Your Window Supplier

If Aluminium frames, are they Thermal Break?
If you window supplier cannot understand what the thermal break means come into our show room and we will explain to you why you need to understand the thermal break to prevent the loss of energy between the frame. The thermal break is created using a polyamide strip between the aluminium exterior View
What is the thickness of the glass used in Doors and Windows?
Don’t get caught with cheap windows with thin glass which will provide very little protection against the heat or the cold.View
Is it Low Emission glass U1:0?
Low emission glass is that glass which has a microscopic transparent coating on the glass which reflects infrared energy or heat. In summer the external glass reflects the heat in winter the internal glass reflects the internal heat back inside the house without affecting visibility.View
What is the UV rating on the glass?
All glass used in Casver Double Glazed windows and doors meets the highest European Standards to ensure that double glazed windows are perfect for the Australian market place. 33 1 12 33 1LE+A View
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